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Our Mission

I have attended a reasonable number of festivals over the past few years, I’ve always wondered whether a local event could be put together that was affordable and fun. An event that might bring people together, to showcase local talent as well as give up and coming artists a chance to show off their talents.


I’ve wanted to do an event to give folks a little hope, maybe relax for a day and take their mind off the

pressures of life. 


Most of all, I would like to do something to honor our Veterans. Having an event of appreciation, support and hope.


My dad was a Veteran, several of my uncles, cousins, and many other family members and friends. We can never do enough for our Veterans. In my opinion the federal Government hasn’t done NEAR enough to support our Vets. Statistics show an average of 22 vets take their life everyday in this country and it would likely be higher if it was not for numerous non-profit groups like Wounded Warrior Project, Tunnel to Towers Foundation, DAV, Til Valhalla Project, VFW, Eagles and so many more.


I would like as much of the proceeds as possible to go to local causes like the VLSV group. This group of ladies here in Walla Walla have formed a NON-Profit to help LOCAL vets. 98 % of the funds they raise go directly to LOCAL VETS. Their group is called (VLSV) “Volunteers Love Serving Veterans” as seen in an article in the Union Bulletin on January 15th 2023 “Veteran’s Really Matter” and “You matter”, “Yes, You Really matter”.


I hope we will receive enough community support to make this an annual event.


Bring a photo copy of a Veteran(s) and post it on our “Wall OF HONOR”.


Bring a Vet and a lawn chair and enjoy the day or the weekend.


There will be no admission for Veterans with ID .


Randy Grudzinski

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